With an urge to get stories out of my head I passionately began with photography. I always strive to make ideas come to reality, no matter if it takes days to build a complete room with broken pipes sticking out of its walls or hours of work with clouds made of cotton. 

Since 2008 I´ve been working with commissions such as commercial photo and video, video editing, writing for photography magazines, retouching, photoshop lecturing, music videos and art exhibitions.

I´m currently based in Gothenburg Sweden but I´m available for commissions and art exhibitions all around the globe.


Some of my clients are:

Volvo Cars
Volvo Buses
Upper House Dining
Thörnströms Kök & Privata rum
Tidningen FOTO
Stil & Rum
Timo Räisänen
Joel Alme
Stefan Andersson

Johan Westerlind Photography

Landerigatan 2C 416 70 Göteborg